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Zoom Car


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To create purposeful videos simplifying the process for targeted Zoomcar associates

Target Market

Car Owners, Businessmen's, Corporates, Travelers, Students

Brand &

Brand & Brief

Zoomcar is among India’s largest self-drive car rental businesses. Their app allows customers to rent desired cars at reasonable rates and use them for commuting wherever required. They launched a service called ZAP that enabled customers to list their unused vehicles for rental on the Zoomcar app. Zoomcar’s planned to release a set of animated explainer videos on their platform about the process and benefits of ZAP for customers. These videos were intended to target and encourage Zoomcar associates that would help boost the project’s growth. Thus serving as a source of profit for both the brand & car owners.



Our animation videos were designed to draw the audience’s focus on the benefits of renting cars on Zoomcar. Moshi Moshi team adopted a simple problem & solution-oriented approach for creating the videos. We focused on the perks of renting a car for an owner as it would reduce maintenance costs and offer a passive income to help pay off loans.
The taglines drew attention to the idea that why no one should pay car EMIs from their pocket if their vehicle is just catching dust. We highlighted the fact anyone enrolling for this service would be able to save their car-related costs by up to 70%.
Our team created a ZAP man superhero character that was an identification of the brand personality. Since the ZAP team was developing a LIve 3D commercial video for promotions at the same time, we tried to match our character to the real character. This ensured uniformity in all videos so that people would be able to trust the brand as a whole.

Zoom car


The impact was that our animated videos garnered views 60-70k times more than normal, it helped the brand push the ZAP service in the Indian market. Our team at Moshi Moshi made everything better for Zoomcar, learn how we can do the same for you!

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