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We Chimni


Web App


To develop a web app showcasing products with smooth and effective operation

Target Market

Sustainable Shoppers, Young Couples, Late Millennials, Families

Brand &

Brand & Brief

WeChimni trains and mentors underprivileged women through their one-of-a-kind platform offering food, apparel, and handicraft products. Their employees have mastered the art of creating healthy organic recipes and unique eco-friendly sustainable products. WeChimni wanted a web app which allowed them to effectively communicate with their users in a business-specific manner. A web app with faster and simpler deployment to showcase & categorise their products while engaging maximum customers.



Our UI/UX team built an understanding of which design choices will be credible and impactful in web app development. It concerned everything from finalising the look, colours, fonts, placement, and overall design that would be attractive for the user.
The web app team created a prototype of the web application based on the UI/UX brief.
For building the web app, we chose MEAN tech stack because it is efficient, cloud compatible, accepts real-time updates, and offers cross-platform support. We built a database using the tools Node.js, AngularJS, MongoDB, AWS Services, and Microservices which was based on the web app architecture requirement.
We presented the wireframe to potential users of the new web application. Recorded the feedback and improved the design until we reached a decent result.
Building an ultra-precise and dynamic backend was one of the toughest parts of web app development. Our team focused on the app’s functionality, compatibility, security, and usability for the users.
For the final step of deployment, we used CI tools – Jenkins, Docker, and Kubernetes to get the web app from our local machine to the cloud provider to get it up and running. This was not a one-off step, but a continuous process of refinement and delivery to ensure the brand can add new features conveniently from time to time.

We Chimni


For WeChimni we created a web app with beautiful UI making the platform simple and quick to use. By adding additional layers of functionality, we made it a powerful database solution for their business.

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