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Revamp the entire website in a way to reflect their brand image and personality literally

Target Market

Bars, Restaurants, Millennials, Middle-Aged People, Beer Lovers

Brand &

Brand & Brief

Toit’s old website did not match up to their in-house brew-pub experience. It did not identify with the vibe and feel of the actual place. They also wanted to introduce their beers in the Indian retail market at other resto-bars and pubs. Toit insisted on a few particular characteristics to build an upscale look and feel of the new website.



Moshi Moshi team dived right into building the user interface and responsiveness of the new website. We kept the website pages clean and organised so as not to confuse the customers. Each section was designed to be simple and showed a single element of the new website’s interface. We kept information minimum, so the users aren’t overwhelmed with words and can focus on what matters most which was the range of beers for this brand.
Our UI/UX team used interactive GIFs on the homepage to keep the user hooked on the website. We added a new ‘Beer Finder’ feature that allowed their customers to find the nearest location of a resto-bar or pub selling Toit beer in other cities. It was most challenging to modify the plugin and customise it as per the new website. The team added a promotional tab on the main page to divert attention to the brand’s exclusive brewery tour. Replicated website colours inspired by the wooden and vintage appeal of the brewery to retain the brand identity. We even dedicatedly highlighted the brands’ distinctive features on the website like tap beer, food menu, pet-friendly, kudix (beer points programme), and open space structure.



Toit asked and We delivered extraordinarily! Upgrades like seamless navigation and accessibility greeted every customer when browsing through the site. Toit got a modern and responsive website that became synonymous with the unfading vibe of their brew-pub experience.

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