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To build a distinct brand identity completely inverse from its parent company that primarily deals with lab processed animal feed.

Target Market

Feed Millers/Farmers (Primarily India, Nepal, Bangladesh), Distributors (Primarily North America, Europe, Middle East & South-East Asia), White Labeling Vendors, Other Large Institutions

Brand &

Brand & Brief

Making a difference, naturally

PhyGeno faced the challenge of building a unique brand portfolio in the global market, most importantly an independent identity from its parent company. They wanted to address the misconceptions concerning the effect of natural ingredients on animal health and yield in the animal husbandry industry. Their brand had an untapped potential that was unleashed by working with our branding experts when they ultimately decided to do business with us.



Moshi Moshi team developed a brand strategy encompassing every area where customers interacted with PhyGeno. We redefined PhyGeno’s purpose and core values while encouraging their idea of minimal environmental impact and healthier products for human consumption.
We made their logo the focal point of PhyGeno’s brand along with the icon, tagline, and wordmark. It’s an instantly recognisable symbol that represents the brand image. We followed a systematic approach to maintain a sense of clarity, order, legibility, and structure throughout PhyGeno’s textual communication. Brand elements of the Phygeno logo and icon itself were modified to be utilised in terms of the brand’s visual aesthetic. The use of defined secondary colours was suggested to target the global audience. To engage customers and create brand awareness, we maintained a uniform set of colours in images and text across the website.



As part of the customer experience strategy, our branding and digital design agency helped them create a lasting voice as a global brand. We delivered a unique identity and value to PhyGeno’s conscious-driven plant-based solutions. Impressed with the impact of our brand consultancy deliverables, PhyGeno went on to opt for our digital marketing services like website designing, social media management, and more.

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