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Miracle Drinks


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To position the brand as a trustable lifestyle & health supplement

Target Market

Fitness & Healthcare Enthusiasts, Millennials, Youngsters, Families & Elderly with Medical History

Brand &

Brand & Brief

Miracle Drinks – The story of Neo Ayurveda©

The brand founder, Shri SM Raju, IAS (Retd.) saw an opportunity for his brand if they target the young millennial generation. He wanted to build trust among people for their NeoAyurveda (new age Ayurveda) inspired range of supplements. A large part of their communication revolved around the transformative powers of the product since they wanted to position it as a lifestyle product. Mr Raju desired to motivate young people and transform their fast lifestyle through the brand’s products and recommendations.
When they discovered Moshi Moshi, we proposed to address their brand needs through intensive research and market study. Primarily the idea that how extendable the brand’s product design and styles could be depending on their target audience. They eventually decided to give us the responsibility of creating their brand strategy from scratch to represent their brand’s purpose and personality to the audience.


Miracle Drinks


Our team generated a comprehensive brand story that highlighted Miracle Drinks’ values of inclusivity, care, and guidance. Introducing the brand to a set of defined guidelines of brand elements, photography, and colours that aligned with their core idea and spoke discreetly to the customers about their brand identity through different mediums. We worked hard to develop a packaging typeface and product mockups resonating with the brand’s personal style which was quite difficult as the initial brand packaging & theme were supplement oriented. We equally stressed consistency across all of their marketing and sales channels to build a stronger brand.

Miracle Drinks


Through strategic planning and execution, we uncovered the brand’s strengths and weaknesses to determine where the opportunities lie in terms of go-to strategy and target audience. Moshi Moshi created memorable touch-points for Miracle Drinks that etched a mark in the customer’s mind. Find out how we can do something similar for your business!

Miracle Drinks

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