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To create a website personifying the offbeat image and personality of the brand

Target Market

Gen Z, Millennials, Tech Enthusiasts

Brand &

Brand & Brief

Metasky asked for a modern, minimal yet responsive website that reflected the web3 theme and vibe of the next-generation metaverse. Our client stressed the continuation of a creative and funky appeal throughout the website.



Our website development team took up this task and performed brand research reporting the target audience, competitors, market stats and swot analysis. We wanted to create a website solution that worked specifically for Metasky, a clean layout and easy to navigate with a unique style.
Moshi Moshi rejected the dark theme generally used for web3 websites. No images were used on the website instead graphics and bold designs were uploaded that helped engage customers. Vibrant graphics make it easy for customers to understand and identify with the brand. We only used accurate graphics & images with a clear design style
We kept the text minimum and only used bite-sized content pieces providing the fundamental information a potential consumer would need to know. Only applying user-friendly language with direct and to-the-point communication to retain learners and newcomers on the website.
Skywallet & Skyclub, the two important utility tools from Metasky were given priority on the homepage to draw maximum leads. We designed different sections for the two sets of the target audience to ensure effective communication. Each section highlighted a unique tool icon and CTA buttons.

Metasky Web3
Metasky Services


The end website had a super smooth checkout process that built transparency & credibility among customers. Use of impressive and memorable design styles on the website communicated & emphasised the philosophy, and vision of the brand Metasky. Conclusively it captured the target group's attention immediately.

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