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To establish their China origin company as an authentic Indian brand name offering useful cleaning solutions

Target Market

Housewives, Young Moms, Single Individuals, Millennials, Working Professionals, Families with Children, Gadget Enthusiasts

Brand &

Brand & Brief


ILIFE aimed to expand their business in India, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic when the world was abstaining from using any china based products. Their mission was to make their robotic cleaners the sole of an Indian household and to stress the fact that time wasted on manual cleaning could be better spent sharing happy moments with the family members.



Moshi Moshi came up with a unique approach wherein the goal was to launch the brand in the Indian market as ILIFE India to make it resonate with the Indian customers. We took the global brand promise and applied it to the Indian context.
We intended ILIFE to be a part of every household hence we designed characters with typical helper names and nuances used in Indian homes for building a relationship with the Indian target audience. Created a fun and relatable side to the mascot to make it identify with the brand personality. To convey the idea that just as the brand mascot blends in well, and adapts with Indian culture and way of living, our products do the same. This made ILIFE an Everyman brand.
Brand values emphasised that the brand takes into account the customer’s needs and attempts to do better with no over-promise or under-delivery of commitment. Resulting in a sense of transparency, thoughtfulness, and empathy on part of the brand in the customer’s mind.
We introduced them to a set of guidelines to maintain the brand’s visual integrity and clarity with primary & secondary logos, colours, font style, etc. Used vibrant and warm colours to appeal to the target audience, unlike the global brand ILIFE where subtle and matted colours are used.

I Life
I life


Our strategy successfully generated interest in the target audience for the brand ILIFE India. All set of creative directions assisted in building confidence among Indian families in the brand's values. The consistent use of the brand mascot helped build visibility and recognition for the brand and to set them apart from its competitors. From pictures to colours and posters to social media posts, our guidelines created impact and clarity for ILIFE India as an authentic Everyman’s brand.


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