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For smooth functioning required streamlined guidance videos to enlist new suppliers & retain existing ones

Target Market

Potential Suppliers, Wholesalers, Manufacturers, Existing Supply Clientele

Brand &

Brand & Brief

Diageo is a well-known multinational alcoholic beverage business leader in the global market. Their exquisite collection has over 200 brands across 180 countries, delivering established brands with unmatched taste and experience. Diageo required an explanatory animation video, the primary objective being the management of supplier queries and guidance through their supplier management portal. Their brief included a comprehensive video for suppliers on how to track invoices, and payments, manage accounts, and the process of contact and communication with Diageo. Their goal was to help suppliers understand and track all this information through one channel.



A simplified approach was implemented wherein our team created two sets of videos – one for the external target audience and the other for existing internal suppliers. We replicated the exact work through the website to break down and interpret the available features of the Diageo supplier portal. The external video was aimed to act as an informative guide for onboarding suppliers. Our team made sure to include everything in these videos from signing up to eligibility and policies to payments.
The other video intended for existing suppliers introduced them to the workings of the Coupa portal to create, track, and manage invoices as well as other integrated features. We created a powerful video that linked all of their channels and data together.



Moshi Moshi animation team created revolutionary videos with detailed scripts focusing on a fun character that effortlessly maintained a uniform brand identity throughout. Our video campaign led to an impactful streamlined process for Diageo suppliers as well as the brand themselves.
As Diageo is a global people operations platform, Moshi Moshi created consistency for them in the supplier experience domain for the smooth functioning of a fully distributed independent vertical.

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