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Digital Marketing


To capture the Indian furniture manufacturing market by establishing digital presence

Target Market

Small, Medium, & Large Scale Furniture Manufacturers, Retailers

Brand &

Brand & Brief

Biesse reached out to Moshi Moshi in April 2019 intending to assist them in promoting sales and establishing their brand online in the digital market. They needed SEM-optimised branding and sales campaigns to boost their global venture in the Indian market.



Our team employed an extensive Search Engine Marketing Strategy while creating search ads that lead to organic sales for the brand. It was a challenge to tackle unrelated searches as Biesse is a brand catering majorly to industries in large-scale productions. The keywords overlapped with other retail and small-scale businesses. In order to push through that challenge, we used specialised keywords each targeting the ideal customers.
We also started video and display ads for branding and remarketing of Biesse. Video marketing was used to promote the brand, this effective marketing technique brought more customers to their business.



There was tremendous growth of leads for Biesse, Moshi Moshi gave them a 72x return on sales. In just a period of 6 months, our team’s campaigning efforts generated 67k+ Clicks, 8.19% Click Through Rate, 821K+ Impressions, 46.19% Search Impression Share Rate, and several organic leads for Biesse.

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